Frustrated with your slow computer? Diagnostic and Optimization Services. Slay dragons, or conquer your files. Make your computer work for you. Custom Computer Building Services. You don't have time to waste when your business is on the line. Reliable Repair Services. Work from Home but keep your data safe, too. Home Office Security Solutions. Learn to do what you've always dreamed of doing with your PC. Training for all skill levels.

Training Courses and Tutoring

PitViper Industries provides comprehensive training on a multitude of subjects.

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General Computing

Basics for those new to PCs, Computer Terminology, Word Processing, Printing, Computer Setup, Optimization/Configuration, etc.

Microsoft Office Basics & Beyond

Introduction to, as well as Intermediate Instruction on, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, & Excel.

Internet Computing

In-depth Instruction on the use of Internet Browsers, Web Surfing/Searching/Researching, Web Tools including basic Web Design & FTP, understanding Internet Technologies and Terminology, getting the most out of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and more.

Home Office Security

An Analysis, as well as Instruction, on keeping your Data and Home Office Equipment Safe and Secure. Discussion on the Costs of Not Securing Your Data, along with Liabilities and Risks. Minimize Expenses while Securing your Home Office or Network.

Online Auctions, Resume Writing, Presentation & Flyer Design, and MORE!